Welcome To SWOBS

We are an online class of Christians who believe in God’s wondrous love and the opportunities that that love opens up for people both now and in the future as revealed to us in God’s Word, the Bible.  That love also gathered us together by means of the modern miracle of technology to study God’s Word topically through use of the volumes of the Studies in the Scriptures authored by the late Pastor Charles Taze Russell as well as other Bible based literature.

 This method of service opens an online opportunity for study with those already Bible Students, or who have no Bible Student class near enough to attend and desire to study via the internet, and/or ones interested in deeper Scriptural study  

 We believe that God has laid out His plan in the Bible, and knowledge of that plan opens our hearts to His praise, beckons us to seek our own eternal salvation prepared for us, and helps us to understand conditions and events past, present and future. This shows us in part where we are in the time-span of God’s work on behalf of mankind and what we can expect in the way of his work in the near and far future.  It is our conviction that those who study to gain a deeper knowledge of God, and His plan, as revealed in the Bible, are better prepared for what lies ahead.  

 So we invite you, our visitors, to peruse our site.  Read our statement of belief on the page set aside for that purpose.  Follow the links provided where you will find sites with even more information on God’s plan and access to Bible helps, some of which you can download for free.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  And our meeting schedule and a link is posted on our site as well.  If you would like to join in, we would love to hear from you.


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